Early morning walk... after a tropical storm.

Cup of Gold buds and blossom; such beautiful skin! 
must be the Hawaiian morning dew...

Lilikoi blossoms (passion fruit). More on Lilikoi fruit and stories someday.

Puakenikeni blossoms in varying stages of flowering to fruit. So named 10 penny flower from when Puakenikeni leis were 10 cents... a long long time ago.

Can you find the bee?

I am fond of the copper colored ones as they begin to wilt. Reminds me of my hair changing colors to silvery strands... every blossom, heartbreakingly beautiful! 
especially the one about to fall.

Mother and daughter Puakenikenis. A fresh blossom and an older one. 
And little keikis (baby buds).

I am met with a kiss and a beautiful and fragrant Puakenikeni lei each time I arrive in Honolulu... I am the happiest woman in the world.

Outrigger canoe paddlers in early morning practice, paddling out to sea...

Exultation is the going
Of an inland soul to sea, --
Past the houses, past the headlands,
Into eternity!

Bred as we, among the mountains,
Can the sailer understand
The divine intoxication
Of the first league out from land?

Emily Dickinson

Someone very special to walk with... someone who helps me see 
things I don't otherwise see.

Kailua, Hawaii

Abstract architect; Brice Marden school

Loose calligraphy, embellished edges with cottonwood fuzz along the Santa Fe River... built in a hurry?

Architects with wings.

Tidy, tiny homes: Top; fell from a tree on A'a'lapapa street, Lanikai, Hawaii.
Bottom; abandoned on adobe ledge, Santa Fe.

Persimmons from Upcountry Maui !

Fruit of my early years... nostalgia! I could smell the late fall air of my childhood Korea with deep blue sky high in eternal fall months! As the weather turns cold, we could still see the last of dried up persimmons barely hanging in the branches.

Sweet memories of Korea... of my mother, grandmother and aunts, cooking, tasting, chatting, gossiping...

Gorgeous late fall fruit, perfectly dressed in the color of the season... nothing else in the world is quite the color of persimmons! we ate it fresh (Gam in Korean), dried (Kotgam, literally flower persimmon), made beautifully colored punch with dried persimmons with rice wine, ginger, pine nuts and honey (Sujongwa). My mother would make the punch in a large ceramic pot for New Years day festivities with our entire clan.

A delectable Korean dessert!

Young persimmon leaves are great for healthful tea, they say.

Santa Fe
photo: Paula MacCutcheon of Pukalani, Maui

Ipo the zen master.

Focused, patient, polite, adorable, loving, protective, enthusiastic, quick, light footed and lighthearted... a perfect little being. Yet he lives for Treats and Sunny spots on the more mundane side. 

First snow on tumbleweed... exquisite brevity

Snow flakes linger on tumbleweed just till the sun comes up... long cold nights, short, sweet days ahead.

Santa Fe