Puka shells

Polished by the ocean, time, sand, and patience... into perfection
Ahhh... to find a perfect puka shell with warm sun on my back, hot sand between my toes.

Found last summer on Keawaula Beach, Oahu, Hawaii. Puka: Hole in Hawaiian

One breath, one stroke... brush yoga

No refinement.                                                                                        
Irregular, flexible, organic, unique, complex, spontaneous, ambiguous, uneven, mysterious, whole... utterly singular.                                                                                     

The Natural... Yogis

Dog does Dog
Ipo in Adho Mukha Svanasana;
Downward facing dog pose

Bird does Tree
Ulili Bird in Vrksasana; Tree Pose
Ulili: Solitary migratory bird wintering in Hawaii from Alaska, Siberia
Hookipa Beach, Maui, Hawaii   photo: Matthew Thayer

Driftwood strikes Eagle
Garudasana; Eagle Pose
Driftwood found while mushroom hunting on Nambe Lake Trail

Ocean teaches Pranayama

Pranayama; Yogic Breathing
Kailua Beach, Oahu, Honolulu

Evening prayer

Yin Yang; Duality in peaceful coexistence...

Makes me think of the Korean flag. The most beautiful flag!

Rock from Panama found by a friend while fishing. 2 3/8" wide.

1.1.11. Morning prayer

Yoga pose in a rock, on fresh snow, very cold outside.
Rock solid yoga practice anyone? - starting today...

Urdhva Baddhangullyasana in Padmasana;
Fingers interlocked upwards in Lotus pose.

Rock from Patagonia, Chile, given to me by one of my yoga students. 3 3/4" long.