Sea Heart

A buoyant seedpod, washed by the rains into rivers, then on to the Ocean…
for a long journey across the sea, carried by the currents from Florida
to Costa Rica. A trip that can take two years! A patient HEART!
... a lighthearted teacher! 
Found on Punta Uva beach, Caribbean side of Costa Rica, March 2009  2 1/4" w

Be Mine

Floating heart for Lou... for taking us there, the ocean you so loved!
Punta Uva beach after a stormy week before our arrival, March 2009

Antique Korean Cake (Deok) Stamps

Hand crafted from Chestnut wood; Found in an Antique market in Seoul,
so rare now...
Delicious little rice cakes, beautifully stamped for the New Year's feast, colorful, soft, sweet, and warm... cold weather recollections of childhood love.
Top: 14" bottom: 12 3/4" W

My Mother, Family Healer

Korean Herbal Medicine brewing pot

I have a clear memory of this pot, spewing steam with strong smell of medicinal herbs. With a cloth and a dowel, my mother would squeeze out the dark, warm liquid into a ceramic bowl. We drank the brew right then and there with our noses crinkled up as if drinking bitter poison. It worked miracles!

The herbs were from our traditional Korean doctor, a tall, thin man with a high pitch voice, regal in his exquisite Korean traditional clothes. They say he was a Royal eunuch. I can still see him, sitting cross-legged, reciting the herbs to his assistant as he swiftly opened and closed the countless wooden drawers to gather the master's prescription.

My mother gave me this beautiful pot recently after years of begging...been decades since it was used… it now rests on my living room floor, holding sweet memories of our family.
7" w

My Father, My Mother

Very old, very heavy Korean Inkstone... sat on my father's desk in Seoul
for as long as I can remember as a young girl in Korea.

After my father passed away, my mother consoled herself with calligraphy
beautifully and prolifically at my father's little desk in their bedroom.
I had never seen her practice calligraphy as a child but she was a devoted
student of it in her school days... I am told.
With five kids and several wars, she had no time for herself.
Imagine our parents having lives before we were born!

Now this beautiful family heirloom graces my living room.
I dabble in it, of course as you can see in these pages...
clearly, I am a beginner in every way.

My face is my father's face. 
9" long

Water Well
Elegant ceramic accompaniment for the Inkstone...
never too far from it and lovely to hold.
Family treasure 3 1/8" long

Hinu Puka shells

It's minus 10 degrees outside in Santa Fe... putting on my Puka bangles to keep warm.
Want to see how they look on? Click here.                                                

Hinu: Shiny in Hawaiian