Spring equinox

Young lotus leaf unfurls... shyly yet courageously with faith that it will grow to 
rise above the muddy water. Spring!
Turning a new leaf...Under the bright full moon, 
I reflect upon the direction I want to go.

Lotus plant from Rella's garden in Kailua

Tonight, I dream...

Dreaming deer near Kyoto
and pray for Peace and Tranquility for all beings... most heartbreakingly for beautiful and strong people of Japan.
... pray yet that their families, homes, spirits, and animals be restored and reunited miraculously and swiftly by benevolent intervention.
Deus Ex Machina!
And for all those tragically perished, OM, PEACE.
Autumn in Japan
Here is the link to Japanese Red Cross.
photos: Tom Thayer

New Orleans, wet... and wild

Exquisite entanglement... full view of the live oak tree below.

Floating in fresh spring rainwater. Do you see a four-leafer?

Our inspiration for Pincha Mayurasana; peacock feather pose (upside down balance on forearms in yoga)

Curtain of green lace... after a wild spring storm.

Live Oak Tree; very big, very very old, living gracefully with moss and fern. Survived Katrina yet magnificent nevertheless with some propping.

Last week in New Orleans... water everyday, everywhere. 
Dew drops, rain, puddles, bayous, rivers, lakes, ocean.
Thunder, lightening and Epiphany - in the middle of the night!
Flying egrets and Yoginis in Bird poses with Ocean Breath.

Tapah Svadhyaya Isvarapranidhanani Kriyayogah                                                         
Practice, Reflection, and Devotion are the actions of Yoga
Yoga Sutra ll/1