A tiny family album for my Mayday Baby...

Guess who?
Your grandparents in Love
Your indomitable great grandmother in Korean traditional clothes;
crisp, head to toe summer white linen: The original fashion plate.
1887-1991, that's 103 years!
Your wickedly handsome grandfather, Sung, Jin and me in our upstairs sun room.
Our unique personalities begin to emerge!,
adorably shy, thoughtfully cautious, totally camera ready...

Happy Birthday!

How I would love to have my grandmother's bespoke Korean clothes now...

Seoul, Korea in the late fifties
photos by my father 

Water please, p l e a s e ...

Hallucinating on the Ocean... record driest spring in Santa Fe.
Nary a rain drop, March or April!
We are into a season of very serious drought + high potential for fires.

Ocean around Fiji 

Which came first... eggs or the nest?

First came the Nest... with early burst of laughing periwinkles. Ah! a full nest!
Happy Easter
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...  check out the empty nest of yore.

Green eggs from the Santa Fe Farmers Market

Ipo's existential dilemma...

Mom bought me a new toy! Hurray!!!   But wait, I am having a moment here...
Did she realize it is a shoe?  Should I toss, chase, chew and shake it because she thinks it's so cute when I do all that crazy stuff?  Or be good and not even dare to touch it?  I am not to play with or chew shoes, ever! Is she testing me?
I am getting a headache so I will just stare at her in bewilderment. She thinks that is also cute... seems she is oblivious to my moral crisis and clearly not as smart as I am. I will call my godmom for advise later. She is way smarter.

Godmom says, what the heck, play with it... your mom won't even notice what's up.
There!! I played with it!  Mom loved it... LOL.
Life is good around here.

Shoe in question by: Manolo Barknik

Spring Farmers Market

A light exists in spring
Not present on the year
At any other period...

Emily Dickinson 

Seedpods imitate...

Seaworthy Canoe... navigated by the Stars, of course!   
Comedy and Tragedy;  Art imitates Life?, Life imitates Art?, Seedpods imitate Art & Life... 
Prong horned, hollow eyed monster, buy why?
 Raspberries with alluringly intoxicating fragrance... I can see why
Encore... Heart, remember? A perfect heart!
 Nature imitates Nature... 

 Seedpods found by the Ocean, Costa Rica