Thunder, Lightening and Rain...

briefly for the thirsty village longing for more.
Prayer answered yet not enough and the fires rage all around us still.

My garden, grateful for now.

Wildfire engulfs Sunset...

Fierce, Cruel, Beautiful Nature at our door...
Pray that the next show will be Thunder, Lightening and Monsoon. Very Soon.

Las Conchas New Mexico Wildfire yesterday at 5 hours old. By this morning, it ate 43.624 acres. 
Fine ash everywhere...  Shot from just outside my door.

Daydreaming the beauty of solitude... by the sea

On an extremely hot, windy, sunny, dry and long day in Santa Fe
My baby and Kiko

A perfect puka shell hunting day on the North Shore, Oahu.
One puka, two puka, three puka... sweet mantra.


for Summer Solstice

An ordinary concrete seawall weathered by the sea, the sun, wind, and time...
So beautiful!

Lanikai, Hawaii

My Father...

On a leisurely evening walk around the neighborhood sporting a pair of
Korean traditional linen pants (Baji) he loved to wear with western shirts
My father, brother, me and my sister on Maru (wooden deck on our house facing the yard) on a sunny day.

Our house, in fact most of the houses in our neighborhood were built by the Japanese during the occupation (1910 - 1945) mostly by the government officials.
I longed for a Korean style house... so much more beautiful with enclosed gardens, surrounded by inner run of high wooden deck that you stepped up after removing the shoes to enter the rooms... rooms with lacquered rice paper floors!... not many are preserved now I am afraid, but back then, one of my friends lived in one and I used to love to go there to look at the gardens, beautiful roof lines and a single dramatic pine tree in the middle of the garden.

My father was a amateur photographer complete with his own dark room 

and all the the paraphernalia that came with it. 
Here is a shot he set up so he could be in the picture with us.
Thinking of him today... a day just for him.
He inspired me from very young age to be curious and observant... 
and to read, learn English starting at age twelve, and to be myself. 
He told us to stop eating when we feel like having one more bite! Not easy.

So full of enthusiasm, his own kind of humor, and tons of love for all of us...
and later on, the reluctant family patriarch.
A brilliant and hilarious man we loved so much. 

His name means "The Way" commonly known in the West as the Tao. 
We pronounce it more like Doe.

Midfifties, Seoul, Korea

Summer !

My summer solstice baby cools off... Island style
Perfect Utkatasana in the air (Fierce Yoga pose, aka chair pose)

A high desert dream, full moon outside... next full moon, I will see her smiling face.

West Oahu, Hawaii
post from Santa Fe during the driest season since 1895.

Untitled masterpieces by the Sea...

Under the Full Moon
Tides and sea creatures draw... 
In bold strokes. 

Early morning discoveries.

Lanikai Beach

War time stories from Busan, Korea...

My Cousin, me and my sister on the front deck of our shared long house
As war refugees in Busan, our extended family shared a long house with a small unit for each family. A long narrow connecting deck ran along the front of the rooms and a small dirt yard in front where we played and hung out. Here we are on the deck just being kids, having fun on a sunny day, war raging somewhere north...

My cousin is the youngest child of my oldest uncle and I am the oldest of my father, the youngest of four brothers. He is two years older than me. We were very close all through our childhood. It was he who showed me the ropes around Seoul when we got older. He took me to a hip tea house after I graduated from high school just before I came to US as a college freshman. I felt so grown up, out on the town with him, out of the uniform. To me he was the ultimate cool guy. Still a cool guy, now in LA!

My little sister, ever playful, hanging round me. I started kindergarten in Busan. One thing  I remember is on certain days, we got milk and cookies. Most likely US aid. I so looked forward to those days... so sweet, foreign and delicious. Our parents sheltered us from all suffering... they call that "good parenting" now. It was just natural to them... we were happy there.

My father, me, my mother and sister at the beach
Our family is big on outings. Even during the war, on a winter day. Here we are at the beach, on a picnic of sort, altogether, all dressed up... I am in traditional silk korean children's clothes with colorfully striped sleeves. My sister probably resisted getting dressed up. She was a fun tomboy, me the fashionista. I remember my mother's skirt, a beautiful light pinkish silk one. She kept this Korean style skirt for a long time...
Here she might be in her early pregnancy with my brother, the family prince who was born late summer. I will ask her when I see her soon! ... and also confirm some more stories to share.

It might have been around the New Year's day when we typically dressed up in Korean clothes. Bright red skirt with under skirt, sleeves of bright colors, red front tie with gold stamping, white starched collar, sewn over. to protect the silk. Hair neatly braided!

Me, my mother and sister, same day at the beach
My father, 35 years old, my cousin in the back, amazing tie!
So Mad Men, my niece says... 
Always perfectly dressed. Very fifties thing. He actually went to work everyday with his oldest brother. I have a faint memory of visiting an office somewhere. My suave and connected uncle, my father’s oldest brother, arranged for the war time housing for us in the midst of harrowing circumstances elsewhere for so many. He was slick, handsome and urbane. My father was idealistic, a nature lover, and a bookworm.

They eventually built a cargo ship building company that took my uncle around the world, bringing home souvenirs for us. My father would have preferred to be a college professor yet he joined the family business. A familial Dharma, a duty. I miss them both. My uncle utterly spoiled me. More on that and family outings that include my brother in Seoul, post war, later...

Early fifties in Busan, South Korea