A new sister, the fourth sibling...

My brother, me with the face, new little sister 
playing outside.
My precious squatting sister looks most like our mother... 

... and much later as a beautiful bride 
in full Korean traditional bridal costume.

One more sister yet to come.

Seoul, Korea

On Broadway!

A pint sized star from Honolulu... on the hottest day this summer.
Today, she owns the Big Hot Apple!
N'est-ce pas?

More, in Busan during the Korean war...

I sit patiently with my mother for morning braids.
I will see her very soon...

My heart ached for my mother as I watched my daughter braid her 
daughter's long curly hair the other morning... just before they left...
My grand daughter is about the same age now as I am in this photo.

My sister in colorful silk Korean traditional clothes.
Her sons look so much like her, especially the middle one...

Me and my cousin so happy with the scantly trimmed christmas tree.
Who needs a big fancy tree when you live surrounded by 
the love of extended family, even in war.

Winter, 1952-53

Ipo on a hunger strike with a sad face!

This morning Ipo and I took the girls to the airport... and all day today, not a bite of food, no walks, no playing with toys, just sitting around moping, sulking, looking for his little amiguita.

"I want her back and she can even torture me... 
'cause I miss the tiny cute human my mom loves"...

On the road to Abiquiu...

Weightless summer clouds float above the meandering Rio Chama,
soon to join the Rio Grande... down the valley.

Northern New Mexico summer afternoon sublime.
Iphone panorama

Cracked open two eggs this morning...

... not to read the yolks but to make an omelet. But they spell LOVE! anyway,
For my girls!

Eggs from Singer's chickens

Midsummer heat + Monsoon = Happy potted kale!

Next week... fresh kale salad with my girls!
A Midsummer Night's Dream...

Started with tiny kale seedlings from the Santa Fe Farmer's Market!
... from my itsy bitsy, teeny weeny garden

My uncle at the Pyramid...

What could he be thinking? I wonder...

I was the oldest child of his baby brother. Out of ten children he and his wife had, five survived, sad but common statistic at the time. His youngest son is close to my age thus we grew up playing together. My uncle loved and protected my father whom he helped to raise after my grandfather passed away when my father was just a baby.
At an early age, I learned what it is like to be very special to someone. He let me sing and dance in front of the entire family, often. It was in Busan, in their room and I was four, maybe five. Guess I was the wartime entertainer.

He travelled a lot... I "wrote" letters to him before I could read or write. The letter would be filled with numerous drawings of closed, free form, hairy circles, like potatoes. The potato letters were famously kept by him... My mother describes the letters in detail to this day! He gave me a nickname that everyone called me by till I went away to America. My mother still mentions it when we talk about him now and then. His whole face would crinkle up in pure joy whenever he saw me. Every girl should have an uncle like mine. To him, I was that adorable child he couldn't love enough. He passed away in his sixties when I was living in New York City in the seventies. A tragic phone call from faraway Seoul in the middle of the night... I cried and cried on my husband's shoulder. Long distance calls from Seoul were rare those days.

With his beloved wife in Korean traditional clothes, mother of his ten children. The most generous and regal aunt of mine.
They hosted many family gatherings at their beautiful home in Chung Un Dong, Seoul where my grandmother lived with them.
Great food, love and complete feeling of belonging for everyone. No one lived alone in those days...


Golden winged Aurora arrives...

Rosy fingered dawn of a new day over the Sea of Tranquility...
Daily miracle

Homage to Homer
The Island of Mokulua witnesses the light of Kaiao
photo taken on the Fourth of July, 2007

Our Magnificent Neptune...

We love him on Land or at Sea
aka, the pancake meister

Kailua Beach, Hawaii
photo: Dana Edmunds, the best photographer anywhere

Menacing, otherworldly, yet beautiful nevertheless...

Sunset over the Jemez last night, mixed with smoke from the Las Conchas fire.
The winds shifted, windows closed tight.

Now New Mexico's biggest wildfire ever, 
the Las Conchas fire scorched 113,734 acres so far...
shot from my roof.