My sister, brother...

Me, responsible big sister with their hands in mine, my sister, distracted, my brother, so adorable. Isn't he? About that hair of his... did my mom give him a perm? I don't remember him with curly hair. Definitely not curly now. His outfit appears to be more carefully planned than ours with stockings, necktie, lace up leather booties plus the perfect runway smugface...

Eleven, eight and five?
Seoul, Korea

Autumn Restorative Yoga...

Master Yogi Ipo in Savasana, the corpse pose.
Eyes soft, tongue soft, belly even more soft, mind very quiet...
except for fleeting thoughts of favorite treats and chasing Buster, his best buddy.

Great wall...

of many tons of rusted/curved steel in monumental scale.

Latest Richard Serra; Junction / Cycle, more about it at Gagosian Gallery, NY

Now you see it, now you...

see something else.

Full view + detail
Recognize the painting and the artist? Now revisited by Vik Muniz in his own way.

Chelsea gallery walk: Sikkema Jenkins & Co, New York
Inspired by an original painting by Van Gogh

A Big Wild Apple!

 In the Big Apple
on 34th and 10th Avenue at the end of old Highline, soon to be the Section 3 of the Highline Project. Abandoned for many years, old rusty train tracks, broken glasses, wild vegetation and peaceful view of the Hudson and New Jersey beyond.

One wonders how the apple seed ended up there...
Miracle on 34th Street?
At the end of the Section 3 of the Highline on a special tour with my nephew.
Nostalgic contrast to the throbbing City of queue and desire.
Urban wilderness!
All about Highline here, a brilliant renewal of once Promised Land.

Serious Moonface...

In Korea my father didn't say "Say Cheese"!
Fresh haircut for new school year...

Ten years old, Seoul, Korea

Happy... in Korean getup

My father... happy and prosperous. Maybe in his forties.
A business man now with the wars behind, running a cargo ship building company with his older brother. He would receive Western guests sometimes in our home for business. I always wondered how they could be so tall and it was a mystery to me how they could see through such pale blue eyes... and how they looked so uncomfortable sitting on floors. My father always offered them chairs but they pretended they could sit on floors with their knees up their ears! Yoga hadn't gone to the West yet.

Sometimes, he'd come home with a bright red face (a couple drinks would do that as they do to me) and roasted chestnuts from street vendors with biggest smile on his face. We loved that! We would all run to the gate to jump on him. That's five of us!

This might be a New Year's day for him to be dressed like this but I do think I see some western pajama sleeves under his Korean sleeves... oops, my mother won't like that! Huge family gatherings were not his favorite but he loved the smaller ones. He can be so hilariously funny with us yet so serious at other times. A kind man who learned to love cats and dogs later in his life.

He hated going to the doctors, crazy about golf, and loved dinners with us. My most memorable image of my father is him reclining in his study on an intricately woven expandable bamboo recliner with foot rest in his comfy Korean pants, reading or of him playing with us as our designated silly man. He could be reading a very big book or just Time magazine, eastern edition printed on very thin paper for shipping. Studious, curious, generous and clueless about other mundane things like an absented minded professor. Great head of hair! When he passed away at seventy five, he had no wrinkles!
Had he gone to his cardiologist as he was advised, he might still be alive. He would have been so tickled about how amazing all his grand children are now. And he would have been completely nuts about his surfing great grand daughter! How I miss him...

Seoul, Korea, late fifities

You are eternal, Steve...

Our bodies are known to end,
but the embodied self is enduring,
indestructible, and immeasurable...

If you think of its birth
and death as ever-recurring,
then too, Great Warrior,
you have no cause to grieve!

Excerpts from The Bhagavad-Gita. Translation by Barbara Stoler Miller

Nevertheless, I will miss you!

Just found out about his passing on my iphone...
I've been a fan since my first Apple Desktop from the eighties. 
On it, I worked on some great projects as a graphic designer!
Ah, the rainbow logo!