My Halmonie...

Honoring a great lady, my grandmother on New Year's Day
1887 - 1991
She lived through World War I, World War II, Japanese occupation, Korean War and most of her grandchildren moving to America for better life.
She moved from the northern tip of North Korea to Seoul after the WWII and eventually to Los Angeles at age one hundred because she wanted to see firsthand what all the fuss was about this country, America.

Never once sick, never ate leftovers, no formal education yet she was the smartest person I'd ever known. She never remarried after her husband died when my father was a baby.
I asked her once if they were in love. She gave me a side glance with a smile and said that they always shared one pillow! I hear he adored her and that they'd eyed each other before they were officially match-made by the families.

She was warned about his fierce mother but her response was - "don't worry, tigers don't eat their young!" Her mother-in-law trusted her completely to manage the family land. Apparently she did all the complex management accounting in her head faster than abacus and all the farmers loved and respected her.

I remember her standing at Kimpo International Airport in Seoul with wet eyes when I left Korea fresh out of high school for America. She told me not to bring home a blue-eyed husband. And that was exactly what I did. She forgave me after she met our beautiful brown-eyed baby.

Too many grand children and great grand children to count...
She died of common flu and is buried in LA near my father who died 2 years after her.
She was a formidable matriarch, with boundless energy. And always beautifully dressed.

Another photo of her here, third one down.

- for my father, her baby
At age eighty four in Korean traditional fur lined winter silk layers.
Modern girl she was, she cut her hair and started to wear pretty western dresses in her later years. she had nice legs!  More on that someday.

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