Upside down...

Mama with a brand new baby
in yogic equanimity in the sea of tranquility.

As I watch her, holding the baby while she goes into a perfect submerged handstand.


Little snow stars twinkle in the sun.

Brief yet luminous we are!
A snow flake whispers to the pine needle.

I see a perfect six pointed star!
Image: Mindy Turner
Next snowfall, I am going outside with a magnifying glass as Mindy suggests to see the constellations down below.

Peace and Harmony...

+ Love.

 Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Purnam Bhavatu
Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu

Auspiciousness be unto all
Peace be unto all
Fullness be unto all
Prosperity be unto all

Shanti Mantra from Upanishads

Christmas Eve

Guess what I saw...

when I woke up early in the morning in paradise?
A heartbreakingly beautiful angel sound asleep right next to me!

Dear Santa, 
She might have been dreaming about you so 
please be kind to this little precious one tomorrow.

Psssst... you might want to know that she spent all her own money to 
buy her brand new baby brother a crazy cute elf outfit.
When I heard that story, I must admit I wept a little.

What good teacher she is already.

Hawaii last week

A Solstice prayer...

"Bright but hidden, the Self dwells in the heart.
Everything that moves, breathes, opens, and closes
Lives in the Self. He is the source of love 
and may be known through love but not through thought.
He is the goal of life. Attain this goal!" 

Manduka Upanishads

Looking up into...

and beyond the New Year of the Snake!
Much to accomplish and look forward to...

Image: Ge Hi

He is 4247 miles away...

but I can still smell him and feel his soft downy hair.
And he already has some North Shore sand between his toes just like Mama, Papa and Sis.
Love is strange yet always perfect as is.

North Shore, Oahu

Mommy paddles out...

to ride the waves for the first time since baby's arrival.
Baby in my arms! We both watch mom heading out to Sea.

Roots & Leaves...

await snow and its winter poems.

Treasures found on walks along the arroyos and in the neighborhood.

One tree...

many leaves.

United states of fall leaves...
Picked yesterday just in time before the winter wind came up...
Nov. 20
As a rule, I tend to allow my images to speak for themselves in these pages.
However when I linked this post to Facebook, I felt the need to explain as many enjoyed
it only as a thing of beauty which I hope it certainly is.
I had envisioned this post to be a joyful and also not so subtle political one.

The stripes and the leaves, our flag, colors of the leaves, the diversity and unified
socio-political progression. The blanket, the great state of New Mexico where I live now.
After all, I am a member of the minority in more than one aspect;
Asian, woman, single, naturalized citizen, etc.
A tribute to a historial election that I know will transform this country notably,
for the good of its future generations, and potential global unity.

An Election week post.


My very best friend of over thirty years passed away last night.
As I look up at radiant changes of colors everywhere, I can't help but to think
she too has transcended into an ethereal being of eternal loveliness.
I shall miss her like mad.

Source: Shiho Kanzaki

Crimson fall...

fall flowers unfold
One leaf, two leaves... five leaves,
tales of summer hidden.

gathered from morning walks with Ipo.

Peace in Heaven,

Peace on Earth,
Peace and Joy in our hearts.

Happy Birthday precious little one... it is a good day to be born.

Maile in the jungle...

Maile leis... only for very special occasions.
Hard to find fragrant vines grow deep in the jungles on Kauai.

Image by Tom Kuali'i

Off the branches...

onto the earth, willingly and lightly as if early snow.

Leaves of redbuds, aspen, locust and maple in Santa Fe, shells from Cape Cod.

My baby sister...

I was twelve when she was born.
My mother's nickname for her was "a little tiger" because she nursed like a wild animal.
To ween her she drew scary faces on her breasts with red mercurochrome!
I remember those hilarious faces that were more comical than scary.

She turned out to be the most generous, kind and thoughtful of all of us.
At times, it seems as though she takes care of all of us older ones plus our aging mother.
She is a mother of three great kids including a set of twins.
 Any parent would be proud of this model Korean daughter.

I left for America a couple of years after this photo was taken and missed 
so much of my siblings' childhood years. I am wistful about that now.

Photo: by my father. In the sixties, Seoul, Korea.

Autumn moon...

Perfectly aware,
Not a thought,
Just the moon
Piercing me with light
As I gaze upon it.

- Rengetsu

Cottonwood branch frames the night sky for the Harvest moon.
In my courtyard.

In hiding...

Under the fall bamboo leaves.
I know how she feels...

He who hid well, lived well.

Source: Selby