Mr. Bill...

has been with me for over 20 years!

he promises to visit now and then.
Mr. Bill in Dandasana; seated yoga pose with legs stretched out

Artful Tea...

"A subtle charm in the taste of tea... 
it has not the arrogance of wine, nor the self-consciousness of coffee..."
Kakuzo Okakura; The Book of Tea

My Kailua...

My usual five mile morning walk from Lanikai to Kailua over this little promontory
where I can see both Lanikai and Kailua beaches.

On the way back I cool off in the ocean,
the ocean that feeds me...

Sea of Morning Calm...

If only my mind could be so vast and tranquil...
One of the names for Korea, where I come from, is Chosun which means:
Land of the Morning Calm.

Slow unfurl...

time to act beyond contemplation... 
says Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita

photo: Anne Farrell in the jungle
Costa Rica


Smallest of eight Hawaiian Islands next to Maui with sad history.

This is what I saw from my deck every morning for six years, living on Maui,
often with humpback whale families jumping in winter months.
Before the fancy resorts.
We had to drive on dirt roads, walk through thorny kiawe thickets
to get to the pristine white sand beaches that Maui is now famous for.
Before the big highways.

This is where my daughter learned to swim at eight months!
She is still the happiest with sand between her toes.

View from Kihei, Maui. 
photo: by my daughter

Spider lilies...


Don't ask the winds for mercy,
long-legged lilies,
plantain lilies,
tiger lilies,
After all your stems are broken
sprout new buds.

It won't be too late.

- from Ko Un's Son (Zen) poems: What? (1991)
Hawaiian Spider lilies from my family Garden

Yet more bowls...

How could I resist? Especially the raku ones...

What's to become of all my bowls? So many.
And what about my one empty bowl idea?

All my bowls are by Siddiq Khan who is not making them anymore.

Spiral Twist...

Jungle Yogis
Parivrtta Vrksasana - Twisted tree pose; only in the jungle!

Images by Anne Farrell  from Costa Rica

My grandmother at age 90...

in a pretty western dress (a daring fashion statement) in my parents garden in Seoul. 
My parents left Korea soon after this photo was taken and she
followed them to America at age 100. An unfathomable move.

A remarkable spirit and a very modern girl she was,
who lived to be 103!

I invoke her often.

Snow nest...

Where are my chubby sopranos this morning?

4.5" fresh snow, overnight surprise.
from my nest collection

Hawaiian Nereid...

 Kimi Werner, the beautiful and courageous Sea Nymph.
Free Diver, Spear Fisherwoman, Artist, Chef.
Mostly importantly, a Maui girl with heart and soul.

Living freely... happiest meditating on the seafloor.

Images from her album, top photo by my daughter in Lanikai; 
Kimi's catch of the day, Uku and Kumu, gray snapper and goatfish.