Arroyo in Spring...

United States of Earth

soft, dusty, steep undulating dips... perfect for my arroyo surfer, Ipo

Santa Fe



Hi'ilawe by Gabby Pahinui and israel kamakawiwo'ole
This beautiful song is for my friend Pam.
It is about a waterfall on the Big Island of Hawaii in Waipi'o valley
She loved the Big Island...

Anuenue: Rainbow

Bursting profusely...

Alas! Spring Equinox has "yet" to arrive.

Is regret only human?
- Ko Un
Image: Shiho Kanzaki

Kiko patrols...

her beach.
What a good girl!

Not easy herding two islands + sand crabs + guarding her beach!
But then again, she once raised five cutest puppies singlehandedly...

Living on the edge...

with preternaturally exquisite and agile yogi toes.

Frogs do Frog Yoga Pose: Bhekasana

Mr. Bill splits...

into Hanumanasana; Monkey God Yoga pose, on a branch!

Mr. Bill was knitted for me by my dear friend Valerie M. in Hawaii
a long time ago and has since traveled the world with me.
Ancient Yogic texts advice that we practice Yoga on a tiger skin,
but Mr. Bill likes to challenge himself.