Tender Buds!

A thousand grasses
Run rampant in autumn
But to discover a 
Single sprout with two leaves:
The joy of spring!

Image: Ge Hi

Jacaranda blossoms...

Upcountry Maui is a little heaven and even more so when Jacaranda trees are in bloom.
I learned to play polo with Maui cowboys on a field lined with Jacarandas long ago... 
I can still smell the fresh mountain air!

The Maui Paniolos (cowboys) at work

Artful seating...

No chairs, please
perfect setting for a cup of Artful Tea and good conversation...
remember conversation? - sadly becoming a thing of the past

source: top to bottom: 
Dosa: LA showroom, my living room, Garance Doré: Maison des Reves, Morocco



This lotus leaf belongs to a magnificent lotus plant that the little girl just below this post 
tends daily at home in Hawaii

Weightless blossoms...

Earth breathes sweetly in spring
her inhalations, deep and soft
east wind on its way

Photo: Ge Hi

Hundred years old...

My grandmother in Seoul just before moving to America in 1987.
She lived three more years in LA.
What pretty summer silk pastels!

Bunny in the nest...

 is a very happy Easter bunny... just forgot to smile for the camera!

She is 30 years old this Easter and is famous for her 
fancifully asymmetrical ears that I adore!

Close up...

of Mr. Bill in Savasana

Mr. Bill's instructions for Savasana, the corpse pose;
Face smooth, not tightly "knitted"
Eyes gently closed top to bottom
Lips softly sealed with corners relaxed
Hats are not recommended during Yoga practice

He needs to practice what he teaches!

Father of the bride!

My brother called yesterday to chat about the details of his daughter's wedding...
he sounded so happy and proud,
and this little guy decided to retire early as of this week!

hard to believe...
Here he salutes in front of me (I am guessing) for our father's camera.
His daughter, my niece and her fiancé belong to Dwight and Pickle.

Seoul, Korea