Early Summer Breezes

Abundant clouds,
A few lingering blossoms,
Fresh summer mountains,
Fragrant green leaves
And gentle cool breezes.

Otagaki Rengetsu


Ekapada Adho Mukha Cheetahsana
One legged downward facing Cheetah pose

A Perfect pair...

along the Pacific.

Recently from Fiordland, NZ by Alexis, coral piece found on Maui.

Off the ceiling...

Found Object
fascinating to notice every nodule, branch, turn, subtle color variations, 
thin and the thick, intricate yet wild vine weavings and how the light 
plays on it all day long! ... and that mischievous little moon on the wall!

Duchampish... moment! full view

My angelic mother,

so sweet, tender, resilient, strong, beautiful and loving...
She brought six of us into this world amidst one of the most 
turbulent times in modern Korean history.
She never lost her grace or faith to this day...

Happy Mother's Day

In high school uniform

Mr. Bill, the Yogi...

In Upavistakonasana: seated pose with legs angled out, toes up!

Part of his daily practice to loosen the hips for late night dancing,
and for this pose!

s t r e w n . . .

Flower Sacrifice // Change of Seasons

Images: Shiho Kansaki: Japan, Paula MacCutcheon: Maui