Meditation with lotus...

'Tis said that she slept in a boat so that 
her dreams might mingle with those of the lotus blossoms...

paraphrased from The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura

Lotus from a secret garden in Oahu.

Summer leaves...

picked on an early morning stroll with Ipo before the unbearable heat of the day.

How hot lately?

Breaking records hot in Santa Fe!

Imagine softly leaning back into cool lava wall 
behind the falling waters of sacred Hi'ilawe falls...

Waipi'o Valley, Big Island, Hawaii
 Listen to Hi'ilawe by Israel Kamakawiwi'ole, known to be the first recorded 
Hawaiian slack key song, originally by Gabi Pahinui
Image: Tom Kualii.

Remembering my father...

A dreamer, scholar, photographer, businessman, comedian, golfer, hiker... 
dedicated family man, and reluctant family patriarch.

My mentor, supporter, and cheerleader.

Blessed child, I am.
miss him madly... and how I'd love to make him a nice Korean dinner tonight.
Father's day post, 2011 here

Hapuna sunset

Wild and sublime Hapuna beach...way back then.
In this heavenly place I learned to snorkel, dive, and camp under the stars.

Can you imagine falling in love here?

 It is now a state park but it still is one of the most beautiful beaches 
anywhere in the world in my memories.

Big Island, Hawaii
Photo: by incomparable Tom Kuali'i. His Facebook page here.


 Beginning to suggest a certain closure, literally.
would you agree?

over 20 inches across
woven with exposed juniper roots gathered over time in arroyos

Gift of devotion

Deep gratitude for this offering...

Specially blessed Prayer beads all the way from Chiang Mai.

I don't know what this is...

but feel free to inspire me with your guesses as it evolves into "something".
Juniper roots were gathered from arroyos with lots of help from Ipo, the arroyo surfer

Honolulu City Lights

This is just a kind of sappy mood I am in tonight,
what with almost full moon floating in the early summer sky and...

Listen to Keola Beamer's song of the same title here if you want to be homesick with me.

photo: T. Thayer