Colorado last week.
Big Sky, Big Mind...

Don''t stay in shallow waters in your Yoga practice. Go deep!
- Patricia Walden

On a yoga retreat with Patricia Walden.

Indigo on Indigo...

Indigo dye, matchless.
Summer Blues... in my blue period.

By indigo artist Aboubakar from Mali, Africa at Santa fe International Folk Art Market

Ethereal tranquility...

of subtle fragrance.

My daughter tells me that after the blooming season they split the roots in half
and replant carefully back into the mud in the water.
Thus grows our Lotus family... my muse.

Meditation with gardenia...

Gentle flower, teardrop of the stars
Sweet in its unconsciousness
 Fragrant because of its silence...
- The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura

Declaration of love...

for this country. Ever embracing, vast, and beautiful...
I am honored to be its citizen today.

from the All American Picnic in Wailuku, Maui.
photo: my sweet brother-in-law, Matthew Thayer. Happy Birthday Day Matt!