Sunday in the mountains...

  A small creek is singing in the sun
grass is dancing
stones are sleeping

Tesuque creek

Resting my eyes...

on the pink horizon
where the surfers ride one last swell of the day...

soon I will see them paddling in for dinner.

an evening meditation

Wild Sky!

Apr├ęs Monsoon + Sunset = Crazy Cloud
Storybook sky.

I see three angels riding the celestial cloudcraft heading West, do you?

on Old Taos Highway 

wizened face...

of Juniper rootball. 
Dead, uprooted, drifted and withered in the arroyo by sands, spring winds, 
winter snow, summer monsoons and eternal desert sun....
and at last discovered for its rare beauty.

In the arroyo, on my art supply hunting foray with Ipo the tracker.

Introducing Mana Belle...

one of my favorite furry Hawaiian friends. 
I see her everyday when I am in Hawaii usually stand-up-surfing 
with her dad as you see below.

Her daddy is the best photographer in Hawaii.
 Together we worked on so many great projects in my art director days in Honolulu.
Mana Belle guides the paddlers with her dad.

Check out her dad's work here. 
Looking at his images made me think about being art director again, almost... so happy to be yoga teacher now.

Korean summer

The girl next to me and the one in front me were my best friends in high school.

The three of us used to sneak away on Saturdays to watch French New Wave films in town,
drink tea and spend the night at my friend's mother's hair salon in downtown Seoul.
We talked all night about the film we just saw and fantasized living in Paris
or anywhere in the world but Seoul.

Seemed pretty wild and crazy then!
This early fantasy is what took me to Paris so many times and for a whole year
many years later.  - 'twas a dream come true.

 I wonder what happened to them all. That's me standing on the left.
On a high school summer outing.

Sea wings...

Swift accuracy in clear summer sky.
A rising and swooping beauty!

California coast with family last month.

Ancient Korean beauty...

came to visit me this summer!

Renown for its transcendent beauty, the Korean Pottery was coveted by
neighbors for centuries. Throughout history artisans from Japan and China were
sent to Korea to learn the unique method from Korean masters.

And now the modern day Korean master, Han Do Hyun, a humble
and devoted Korean national living treasure, honors the lineage with the same method.
Meeting him at the Santa Fe International Folk Art market was the gift of my summer.

White porcelain pot by Han Do Hyun as shown at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market in July.

Summer in the bag...

On the hills behind my house where Ipo and I hunt for treasures and surf the arroyos.
Missing the Lanikai Palms...

Mokulua clutch by Samudra