Autumn moon...

Perfectly aware,
Not a thought,
Just the moon
Piercing me with light
As I gaze upon it.

- Rengetsu

Cottonwood branch frames the night sky for the Harvest moon.
In my courtyard.

In hiding...

Under the fall bamboo leaves.
I know how she feels...

He who hid well, lived well.

Source: Selby

In the magical wonderland...

with my Moonbeam.
Walking along a secret horse trail from another time... in La Canada, LA.

Fall flowers...

gathered on an early morning walk.
Chill in the air...
They said we might get a dusting of snow up on the mountains this weekend!

Shy little flowers...

peek from under the twinkling leaves
as summer days chip away. many radiant stars!

from Tesuque gardens of Nat and Becky

Bloom for one night...

Along the low stone walls of my daughter's school in Honolulu
thrived a snaking cactus hedge that bloomed gloriously once a year.
Each bloom for one night only!
We would see them just beginning to wilt yet still beautiful
as I dropped her off at school in the morning.

photo: Alicia Otis, in Santa Fe

Night Blooming Cereus are also referred as Honolulu queen or Queen of the night.