Crimson fall...

fall flowers unfold
One leaf, two leaves... five leaves,
tales of summer hidden.

gathered from morning walks with Ipo.

Peace in Heaven,

Peace on Earth,
Peace and Joy in our hearts.

Happy Birthday precious little one... it is a good day to be born.

Maile in the jungle...

Maile leis... only for very special occasions.
Hard to find fragrant vines grow deep in the jungles on Kauai.

Image by Tom Kuali'i

Off the branches...

onto the earth, willingly and lightly as if early snow.

Leaves of redbuds, aspen, locust and maple in Santa Fe, shells from Cape Cod.

My baby sister...

I was twelve when she was born.
My mother's nickname for her was "a little tiger" because she nursed like a wild animal.
To ween her she drew scary faces on her breasts with red mercurochrome!
I remember those hilarious faces that were more comical than scary.

She turned out to be the most generous, kind and thoughtful of all of us.
At times, it seems as though she takes care of all of us older ones plus our aging mother.
She is a mother of three great kids including a set of twins.
 Any parent would be proud of this model Korean daughter.

I left for America a couple of years after this photo was taken and missed 
so much of my siblings' childhood years. I am wistful about that now.

Photo: by my father. In the sixties, Seoul, Korea.