Roots & Leaves...

await snow and its winter poems.

Treasures found on walks along the arroyos and in the neighborhood.

One tree...

many leaves.

United states of fall leaves...
Picked yesterday just in time before the winter wind came up...
Nov. 20
As a rule, I tend to allow my images to speak for themselves in these pages.
However when I linked this post to Facebook, I felt the need to explain as many enjoyed
it only as a thing of beauty which I hope it certainly is.
I had envisioned this post to be a joyful and also not so subtle political one.

The stripes and the leaves, our flag, colors of the leaves, the diversity and unified
socio-political progression. The blanket, the great state of New Mexico where I live now.
After all, I am a member of the minority in more than one aspect;
Asian, woman, single, naturalized citizen, etc.
A tribute to a historial election that I know will transform this country notably,
for the good of its future generations, and potential global unity.

An Election week post.


My very best friend of over thirty years passed away last night.
As I look up at radiant changes of colors everywhere, I can't help but to think
she too has transcended into an ethereal being of eternal loveliness.
I shall miss her like mad.

Source: Shiho Kanzaki