One tree...

many leaves.

United states of fall leaves...
Picked yesterday just in time before the winter wind came up...
Nov. 20
As a rule, I tend to allow my images to speak for themselves in these pages.
However when I linked this post to Facebook, I felt the need to explain as many enjoyed
it only as a thing of beauty which I hope it certainly is.
I had envisioned this post to be a joyful and also not so subtle political one.

The stripes and the leaves, our flag, colors of the leaves, the diversity and unified
socio-political progression. The blanket, the great state of New Mexico where I live now.
After all, I am a member of the minority in more than one aspect;
Asian, woman, single, naturalized citizen, etc.
A tribute to a historial election that I know will transform this country notably,
for the good of its future generations, and potential global unity.

An Election week post.

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