Home bound...

with a cold... for a week. I can't remember the last time I was sick. Six years ago?

It's been an interesting mix of:
Physical discomfort
Inward mind
Making things

This past week has been an oddly meditative pause - 
It had been a week of forced silent restorative yoga retreat.
Taking care of my needs; cooking, tea, reading, resting,
and playing with "things" around the house and garden.
The snow was the best gift of the week. So white, so still,
a soft white blanket that gently covered all things equally.

Moving slowly allowed me to be in a heightened state of awareness.

Thank you! cold.
Thank you G and S for delicious soups.
Thank you Ipo for being such good boy and keeping me warm.

"A pinecone is a pinecone is a rose."
In my courtyard.

Seedpod treasures...

Contained inside each of these beautiful pods were seeds for new tree of life. 
Some have traveled across the ocean, some simply dropped under the mother tree.
I collected them all with a bit of obsession and spontaneous joy.
Now they live with me in the land of enchantment with no hope of ever sprouting!

Some of these have been featured in these pages before, 
but most have been just waiting to become stars in blogosphere.

I often wonder why I collect things. Why we "all" collect things.

From Hawaiian Islands, Costa Rica, California, Rome, mountains around here or just outside my door.

Hawaiian goddess Pele...

creates a new black sand beach.

Madame Pele's fiery Kilauea Volcano erupts.
Molten lava flows or should I say overflows
all the way to the ocean. Watch out!
Hot lava cools in the ocean,
turns black and crushed by the unrelenting tides.
Thus she creates yet another beautiful black sand beach... 

Happening right now on the Big Island of Hawaii.
It is the ultimate show put on by mother nature.
I've been there a few times yet each time 
I am humbled by my tiny existence in this stunning "hot" Earth.

photos: by incomparable Tom Kualii.

Winter blues...

Listening to their tales of spring and summer with my eyes...
on the walks in the land of enchantment.

At midnight...

on the eve of my birthday,
I had a spontaneous urge to make something out of few things 
from my morning walk with Ipo.
I hope it's a good sign that I will be "making" things more.

Just warming up my hands...

Hundred days old...

Unexpectedly, I am in a state of heightened awareness and exhilaration 
as I look forward to my birthday tomorrow.
I feel alive knowing that it can be a sustainable state with some discipline.

I was born in the morning on a very cold day in Doe Nam Dong, Seoul, Korea.
 My mother and I had a quiet birthday together, just the two of us.
She had to deliver me all by herself since I was in a huge hurry to come into this world.
Fortunately for both of us she was a trained physician and a midwife.

Can you imagine the surprise when my father came home?
Brand new baby girl, all cleaned up, nursed and sleeping peacefully...
that was my tranquil beginning.

Such a fortunate one, I am.


Photo: From  my 100 day old celebration, an important day in Korean culture.

Beautiful beyond words...

Lotus leaf in winter knows how to die.
It fears not as the roots are growing in the mud underneath 
for yet another spring and glorious summer of endless blossoms.
A willing sacrifice.

My muse the lotus plant in our family garden in Lanikai last month.
Summer blossoms here from the very same plant.
Click lotus below for more stories.

Sunny, warm, and wet...

in Tahiti.
Doesn't that sound good?

Posting on a veeeery cold, grey, dry day in the land of enchantment, 
just to help you a little with the chill. brrrrrrrrrrr... and more snow is coming.

Tara in Moorea, Tahiti couple of weeks ago.
Believe it or not, Tara dreams of the mountains and snow!!!!!

Tara is a family friend and designer working with my daughter in Hawaii.
Check out Tara's very watery blog here for further cold weather therapy.

I stole these images from her blog

Still life...

They have been patiently S T I L L... except for some dust collecting.
I've heard many loud stories about their dreams and schemes.
Now is time to realize them.
I heard someone say that an artist is an artist even when they are not making art 
because they are thinking about making art which is part of being an artist.
It's time to come up with another excuse or make something, anything.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as my art supplies go.

My spotted friend...

As you know he went to live with someone very special  in Tesuque 
but I think about him now and then and wonder how his Yoga Practice is going...

Here he is in brilliant morning light before he left me.
This is his third and the last appearance in this blog. So long beautiful friend.
By the way, he is thriving in Tesuque  and is in charge of resident rats.

Painted driftwood found in arroyo.


Winter in the Islands.

... while it's very beautiful and snowwhite outside in the land of enchantment!!

Happy and cozy inside doing my inside things...
soon to go outside to do outside things with Ipo.

My New Year's resolutions?

Sit on shells and gaze at pyramids.

... and be more playful.
Resolutions and changes are for everyday. N'est pas?

Paraphrased caption for this photo by Lysa Cooper for @alohanif on Instagram.