Home bound...

with a cold... for a week. I can't remember the last time I was sick. Six years ago?

It's been an interesting mix of:
Physical discomfort
Inward mind
Making things

This past week has been an oddly meditative pause - 
It had been a week of forced silent restorative yoga retreat.
Taking care of my needs; cooking, tea, reading, resting,
and playing with "things" around the house and garden.
The snow was the best gift of the week. So white, so still,
a soft white blanket that gently covered all things equally.

Moving slowly allowed me to be in a heightened state of awareness.

Thank you! cold.
Thank you G and S for delicious soups.
Thank you Ipo for being such good boy and keeping me warm.

"A pinecone is a pinecone is a rose."
In my courtyard.

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