Hundred days old...

Unexpectedly, I am in a state of heightened awareness and exhilaration 
as I look forward to my birthday tomorrow.
I feel alive knowing that it can be a sustainable state with some discipline.

I was born in the morning on a very cold day in Doe Nam Dong, Seoul, Korea.
 My mother and I had a quiet birthday together, just the two of us.
She had to deliver me all by herself since I was in a huge hurry to come into this world.
Fortunately for both of us she was a trained physician and a midwife.

Can you imagine the surprise when my father came home?
Brand new baby girl, all cleaned up, nursed and sleeping peacefully...
that was my tranquil beginning.

Such a fortunate one, I am.


Photo: From  my 100 day old celebration, an important day in Korean culture.

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