These little piggies...

went to the North Shore.
For the first time for the tiny toes to feel some sand between her toes.
How could this have been already over six and half years?

These little toes now dance the Hula, run around tennis court, press
piano pedals, swim and hang ten on the surf board.
Now we have a brand new set of itzy bitzy toes.
His toes look about the size of these right now.

Picking up memories...

on the beach...
Kukui nut shells are scattered on the beach, begging to be picked up and  touched.
Each one burnished by time, tides, sun, wind, and sand. Each, a singular beauty.
Each has a story.
Hollow, thick and sturdy pods fit perfectly in the palm of my hand,
then into my pocket for the rest of their journey with me.

Over the years I've collected them one at a time whenever they speak to me.
Then they come home with me, carefully packed, to the Land of Enchantment.

They tell me stories. They are my visual diaries. 

Why do I collect? 
I want to be remember, be remembered, relive sunny days with my family. 
Perhaps I was walking with my daughter when I would notice one.
Maybe I was with my granddaughter and she would find one for me.
And now with my grandson. There is one here that I picked up with him
in my arms at dusk on Kailua beach last December on our first beach walk together.
I had just flown in. He was barely a month old, sweet, new and beautiful!
We relive through memories we can share.
What do you collect?

Hawaiians use Kukui nut oil for wide range of purposes.
All the kukui nuts are from either Lanikai or Kailua beaches.

The reason why I love to hunt, collect...

curate, display and share objects of no intrinsic value was answered in this video from 
I saw myself in him. Viola! I am an archivist.

From the Sea...

This collection obsession of mine goes way back to 
warm sunny days on Maui free diving for shells.
Every single weekend, we were out in the ocean with friends
looking for fish to spear, shells to collect.
When I was not in the ocean, I was on the beach
combing for puka shells and other treasures.

We had moved to Maui from New York in 1971 before Maui became "Maui".
The distance and the contrast between the two were exhilarating and profound.
The Island was gorgeous and the water was dazzling!
Free diving and snorkeling was a passion then.
Our baby was born on Maui and other passions followed...  yet I still collect.

The three big cone shells are from the Maui days and I still have long string of puka shells from Maui.
They are my emotional currencies.

Little stones...

My friends bring me little ordinary stones from their far flung travels around
the globe because I ask them, nicely with "please".
Each of them has story behind where and how they were found and 
what the collector was doing when they picked them up for me. 
Many tell me that the little stone reminded them of me!
I imagine their travels and story of each stone. As I add them to my collection, 
I am reminded of my tiny self, friendships and the vast and interesting planet I live in.
... and I have so many more to show you!
Which one speaks to you?

Little poem by Emily Dickenson on Ordinary Stones here
You will recognize some of the stones on that page.

From the top row, L to R.
 Hidden Beach CA, Yukon, Maine
Rio Grande in NM, New Zealand, Rio Grande, NM
New Zealand, Mexico, Panama

Collection obsession...

Arranging hearts as a birthday message for a dear friend.
She gave me the grey/white one at top right which
she brought back from New Zealand last year.

Bending over backwards...

with joy 'cause I am finally feeling better 
after two weeks of  wretched cold.

Few years ago at Keawaula beach on the Westside of Oahu.

Good Morning!

Ipo always starts his day with 
a few downward facing and upward facing dog poses in his favorite sunny spot.

He performs beautiful dog poses with his mouth wide open, tongue stretched 
way out. You should try it. it feels so right!

Ipo took such good care of me while I was sick with cold.
Everyone should have a furry little nurse. They are sweet, warm (literally)
and deeply compassionate although they cannot make you chicken soup.

Stellar alignment...

Just like a beautiful Yoga pose.
I see stars!

Sea Urchins in Tadasana, Mountain pose.
From the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

From a secret beach...

On the Westside of Oahu.
In fact, I don't think I can find this beach on my own. Its all the way on the West side where tourists are rarely seen. We parked our cars on a dirt road, walked down through the thickets into a  beautiful beach with exposed coral shelves and glistening tide pools in between. The whole beach was covered with coral fragments. So many hearts!
We had hoped to find rare sunrise shells. We didn't find any that day but it was a 
beautiful day with my daughter, her best friend and their little girls.
And now, they each have one more baby.

I see hearts!