Picking up memories...

on the beach...
Kukui nut shells are scattered on the beach, begging to be picked up and  touched.
Each one burnished by time, tides, sun, wind, and sand. Each, a singular beauty.
Each has a story.
Hollow, thick and sturdy pods fit perfectly in the palm of my hand,
then into my pocket for the rest of their journey with me.

Over the years I've collected them one at a time whenever they speak to me.
Then they come home with me, carefully packed, to the Land of Enchantment.

They tell me stories. They are my visual diaries. 

Why do I collect? 
I want to be remember, be remembered, relive sunny days with my family. 
Perhaps I was walking with my daughter when I would notice one.
Maybe I was with my granddaughter and she would find one for me.
And now with my grandson. There is one here that I picked up with him
in my arms at dusk on Kailua beach last December on our first beach walk together.
I had just flown in. He was barely a month old, sweet, new and beautiful!
We relive through memories we can share.
What do you collect?

Hawaiians use Kukui nut oil for wide range of purposes.
All the kukui nuts are from either Lanikai or Kailua beaches.

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