From the Sea...

This collection obsession of mine goes way back to 
warm sunny days on Maui free diving for shells.
Every single weekend, we were out in the ocean with friends
looking for fish to spear, shells to collect.
When I was not in the ocean, I was on the beach
combing for puka shells and other treasures.

We had moved to Maui from New York in 1971 before Maui became "Maui".
The distance and the contrast between the two were exhilarating and profound.
The Island was gorgeous and the water was dazzling!
Free diving and snorkeling was a passion then.
Our baby was born on Maui and other passions followed...  yet I still collect.

The three big cone shells are from the Maui days and I still have long string of puka shells from Maui.
They are my emotional currencies.

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