Little stones...

My friends bring me little ordinary stones from their far flung travels around
the globe because I ask them, nicely with "please".
Each of them has story behind where and how they were found and 
what the collector was doing when they picked them up for me. 
Many tell me that the little stone reminded them of me!
I imagine their travels and story of each stone. As I add them to my collection, 
I am reminded of my tiny self, friendships and the vast and interesting planet I live in.
... and I have so many more to show you!
Which one speaks to you?

Little poem by Emily Dickenson on Ordinary Stones here
You will recognize some of the stones on that page.

From the top row, L to R.
 Hidden Beach CA, Yukon, Maine
Rio Grande in NM, New Zealand, Rio Grande, NM
New Zealand, Mexico, Panama

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