River stones...

from the shores of the Rio Grande.
This year hardly any water flows down there...
One of my first hikes when I moved here was a hike down into the Rio. 
We ate lunch sitting on warm rocks along the river. 

I could't help but haul some back, heavy in my backpack,
for their solid disposition and smooth beauty.

Spring flowers...

and leaves.
All seasons are prefect and beautiful if your heart is open.
And the preference is set aside for peace of mind.

Bye bye Spring...

Hello! early summer.
Spring, you were so brief and windy yet so full of life and hope... 
and your light, so unlike any other time.

Baby aspens leaves aim to upstage sweet spring blossoms.

Color, Shape and Size...

Perfection in every way.
Natural Beauties in subtle hues of spring.

At the Santa Fe farmers market

Spike and Squid...

Can you tell which is which?

I am experimenting with a perfect home for them 
but they are a bit unruly and somewhat competitive.
Aren't they amazing? They live on air!

Adopted at the farmers market Saturday.

Ready to fly...

into the unknown. Again.
The feathers tell me tales of their fearless flights beyond the familiar skies.
 And I am listening to every full throated chirp attentively.
This life, so full of wonder!

Lets make kimchi!

Basic kimchi Recipe

I head Napa Cabbage
1 medium size daikon– I perfer uncut one
Green Onions  - 1 cup finely sliced
Garlic - 4 big cloves chopped fine
Ginger - 1.5 to 2 Tb sp. chopped fine 
Red pepper flakes (2 to 3 Tb sp.) – at Korean grocer
Sea Salt - quarter cup or enough to wilt the cabbage.

Cut the Cabbage in half then across to bite size. wash well
Shred (or julien) daikon
Mix cabbage and daikon together
Salt and mix in, then press down (with weight, big stone) to wilt

Let it sit out for 3hrs or more till limp - can refrigerate over night.

Mix the rest of the ingredients into cabbage daikon mix.
Pack it into sterilized Jars leaving 1 or 1.5 inch space at the top,.
Make sure the ingredients are submerged; if not add some water.
 Let sit for 2 to 3 days on the counter till it begins to ferment.
You can smell it or see the bubbles in the jar.

Taste to see if fermenting is progressing well, refrigerate when ready.
Should last several weeks but it will get more sour as time goes.
Then you can use it for other wonderful things.

Optional but recommend:
Pine Nuts – quarter cup - add when adding assembling.
Asian Pear cut into small pieces or dried goji berries to sweeten.

You can make kimchi with almost any vegetables.
Experiment and Enjoy!