My wild beast...

warming his belly in the arroyo.

The endless meandering of arroyos are all around us in the wild wild west where we live.
We go there to surf the steeply carved sand walls, for inspirations, treasure hunt 
and to stay alert just case we encounter coyotes or rattle snakes... and I have seen them!

In this state of heightened awareness we find respite from the swirling world we live in. 
Along the side walls of the dry riverbed are beautiful exposed juniper roots, rocks, 
curious skeletons, scurrying horny toads and other slithery things and many curious 
plants I don't know the names of. 
As the season changes so does the arroyos. It can be filled with water
during the monsoon season. Snowfalls are heavenly in there.

I walk the beaches in Hawaii for the same reasons. In some ways, there is no difference 
except I can't jump in the sand and go for a swim. Ipo doesn't know about the ocean... yet.

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