Ocean longings...

This ongoing three year drought and too many wildfires have
created a deep longing in my heart for the ocean. More so then ever.
It was heaven to be in the ocean with my sister last weekend in California...
with sand between our toes!
Just to smell the sea, be in it, gaze at it even for a day! 
And to have the time to chat and collect little treasures from the Sea together.

My little love is contemplating an evening dip but first she must gaze out and be one with her ocean.

Moving deep into summer...

with this incomparable beauty.
Clematis from the backside, the stronger side, more interesting side, more beautiful side.
See how it's designed to support the frontside, the side that is so full of vanity
with only bees on their mind. The backside? Its their backbone, its their true abode.

Learning from the invisible.

His things that I have...

I have a few personal things and books that belonged to my father.
Sometimes, I flip through his books especially the well worn ones... 
Korean/English dictionary, the bible in Korean and many classical literature.
He was a good student to the very last. Always curious, expanding his English vocabulary, reading history.
I find I do so many things exactly the way he did. 
We are so alike. I wish he had lived a bit longer... yet I feel his presence all around me.
Happy Fathers day, Appa!! 

Korean Bible, calligraphy ink stone, water well, and the pearls he gave me.

After the rain...

Long awaited and prayed for rain finally arrived with lights and noise
appropriate for the monsoon season. 
Our village hopes that it might be just a beginning of more rains, thunder and lightening.
Wildfire are popping up all over like the clovers in the field and its only June!
I am dreaming of the Sea!

A small sample of field study after the rain. 

Exquisite impermanence...

Winter snow long melted. 

There were noisy cherry blooms in early spring then cinematic forsythias and tulips.
Now the sumptuous peonies tell us its early summer. Same as always.
Peonies are the most beautiful and poetic when they begin to wilt.
When the petals fall, its sheer joy!
But that's just me!