Why do I collect?

Because collecting is a form of meditative contemplation.
Foraging is my favorite passtime.
Archiving/documenting what I collect is my obsession and joy.
Sharing them through photography is a fairly new passion. I am a curator by nature. 
I enjoy editing and picking through things that I consider priceless treasures. 
My collections have no intrinsic value. Many of my photos here reflect just that. I am an archivist.
I have to be mindful that these things don't take over my life or my house!!!

You can find me in Instagram under "omjsk" for more of these.

Arroyos transformed...

After much awaited late monsoons.
Not only for the happy cactus groves but the landscape changed so much that 
levels of dips and valleys are almost unrecognizable. 
What once was three feet deep is level with hills around, filled up with soft warm sand.  
Oh, the power of rain!

At the park...

Sitting on the bench, playing with flowers...watching the summer go by.
Pondering on the goals I had set for the year.
Time to reassess, rethink, regroup and move on with more clarity