Why do I collect?

Because collecting is a form of meditative contemplation.
Foraging is my favorite passtime.
Archiving/documenting what I collect is my obsession and joy.
Sharing them through photography is a fairly new passion. I am a curator by nature. 
I enjoy editing and picking through things that I consider priceless treasures. 
My collections have no intrinsic value. Many of my photos here reflect just that. I am an archivist.
I have to be mindful that these things don't take over my life or my house!!!

You can find me in Instagram under "omjsk" for more of these.


  1. Hello IG friend - I am Nuttywheat/ Leslé - your blog is lovely. Your images are so good on a bigger screen. I thought we could chat but not sure how to go about it. I am technically challenged -just so you know :)

    1. just sent you a mess. in IG. feel free to email me at jasoonkim@mac.com
      I'd love to know about your life in the forest in africa!!!