September rain...

So much rain in September... record, maybe. New Mexico is looking more like Hawaii now.
Spectacular lighning and thunder, arroyos with water! Coyotes and bears out roaming the neighborhood.
Giant puffy clouds. Such drama in the high desert.
Chilly and darker mornings, and I am looking forward to going to Hawaii late October.
Time for new provisions both emotional and sartorial.

Pine tree just outside my door and the vine at the park, entangled with silver lace. 

California beauties...

My niece got married a couple of weeks ago in California wine country. This fact alone is a amazing as she is the daughter of my little brother.
Having just arrived from the high desert the Golden State flowers appear new and overwhelming.
The ginkgo leaves are one of the shapes and colors of my childhood fall. The streets of Seoul would be covered with yellow ginkyo leaves.
These two leaves triggered sweet nostalia as I hadn't seen them in a long time.